A message for Hand in Hand from the legendary Sian James

If you have seen the film PRIDE, then you will know exactly who Sian is (and if you haven't, then do so immediately!). We are thrilled that she has this message for us:

"I have very fond memories of the excitement I felt 35 years ago as our miners support group prepared to welcome members of Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners to our community. We were fighting a repressive, right wing government, determined to crush the miners and engaged in one of the UK’s longest running trade union disputes.

We needed allies and members of the LGBT community answered our call. We did not question their support, we reached out the hand of solidarity, accepted theirs in return. In doing so, we forged  friendships that have endured to this day - this was the story so beautifully portrayed in the film Pride. In our small way, we have helped change the perception of LGBT people across the world. 

Today, I stretch out that hand of friendship and welcome to all of you who will be coming to Wales for  Hand in Hand. I am so proud to be invited to play a small role in your event. I  know you will enjoy your visit and that you will make many new friends and have a fantastic experience. Together we will continue to continue the legacy of our original decision to support each other, create new friendships and further break down the barriers of prejudice and misinformation that LGBTQ+ people still face today.

Croeso - I look forward to seeing and hearing you all!

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